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Welcome to Smooth Web Move - we help you move your website!

There are many reasons why you might want to move your website to a new web host.  We've found that most small business owners don't have the time or expertise on how to move a website.  That's where we step in.

We will move your site with or without the current web host's knowledge seamlessly: meaning your customers will never notice the transition.

"If you are paying more than $25 a month for hosting, you are wasting your money!"
Dustin Woodard, CEO Smooth Web Move.

Web hosting prices have dropped considerably the past few years. Now is the time to move!  We will move you to a host of your choice (we can provide recommendations if you like).  You might be surprised how much money you can save by simply moving your site.

To receive a quote for our web moving services, simply fill out the sign up form or contact us if you have questions.  Be sure you read the advantages to moving your website.

Soon we will be posting web host ratings and reviews and a list of website designers without a conflict of interest.  

Smooth Web Move was founded by award-winning Webmaster, Dustin Woodard.  A few years ago he was in what may be a familiar position to you.  A web design company created a website for him, but hosted the site for hundreds of dollars a month. The truth was that he was better off moving the website because he could get much cheaper more reliable hosting elsewhere by a company that specialized in hosting sites.  That's why he moved his site - not only did it save his company thousands of dollars a year, but he had full control of the site and didn't have to pay the original designers $175 an hour to make a simple change to the site.  Feel free to read more about us.

If you are a web designer that would like to be certified conflict free, please contact us.  If you are a web host reseller, we are willing to move your large quantity of sites at a discounted price.  Web hosts can also email us to be considered for the web host rankings report.  We take our customer's interest very seriously, so don't contact us unless you are a top notch designer or host.

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